Book Review: He’s having a baby: The complete guide to fatherhood

He’s having a baby: The complete guide to fatherhood
Jack O’Sullivan
Dorling Kindersley
£12.99; ISBN: 1 4053 1261 0


I found this book inaccessible at first for TWO reasons, writes Scott Hickman.

Firstly, my partner wouldn’t put it down, and secondly, she wanted to give it to her brother, who’s soon to be a dad.

I was impressed too. It covers nearly every conceivable (excuse the pun) issue for dads to be, right up to those with teenagers, including what mum might be experiencing.

The book itself is actually very accessible. It succeeds in including large amounts of information in well organised, bite-sized chunks. It has an excellent mix of emotion, practical advice and humour.  It’s also a good guide for professionals on research findings and the experiences of fathers.

A few more illustrations or pictures of fathers and children would be nice (if I’m being really picky), but the great colours and layout compensate for this.

This is an excellent guide for fathers to be, those of us already on the paternal treadmill, mothers and professionals alike. Every parent, children’s centre, library, ante- and post-natal service should have a copy.

Scott Hickman manages the Daddy Cool project for Sure Start Millbrook, Redbridge and Maybush in Southampton

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