19th January 2006

On the 19th January Community Care will be running a feature dedicated to those who work in Adult Services. This feature will focus on the Recruitment and Retention issues facing organisations in this sector. Among the subjects covered will be:

• The transition between Children’s and Adults Services.

• Experiences of older carers of adults and whether or not they get enough support.

This focus will appear in the issue of Community Care that will be distributed at the Adult Care Services Live event on 26th January 2006.

Recruitment Advertising Offer

As well as the in depth editorial, Community Care is offering the following recruitment advertising opportunities to all Local Authorities and Voluntary Organisations .

By placing an advertisement in the ‘Adult Services’ Focus on 19th January at the normal advertising rate (contract discounts will apply), for an extra £1,000 + VAT you will receive the following:

• A repeat of the advertisement* in Community Care issue 26th January 2006
• A button** on either Job Search Page, Job Details Page or Job Results Page which will link to your posts on Community Care for one week

Other advertising offers available are. For example:
• Regional Jobs Xtra
• Advertorial E-shot sent to all active job seekers registered with us for jobs in Adult Services.
• Job Filter

Booking deadline 13th January 2pm
Copy deadline 16th January 4pm

To take advantage of this offer please call on 0208 652 4690 or email

* Both the repeat advert and button on Community Care need to be taken together with booking your advertisement in the feature.
** Buttons are sold on a first come first served basis. A maximum of 12 buttons are available.

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