Carers’ Guide to Physical Interventions and the Law

Book Review - Carers Guide Carers’ Guide to Physical Interventions and the Law
 Christina M Lyon and Alexandra Pimor, BILD
 ISBN 1 904082 81 5, £12


The authors give the reader a whistle-stop ride through various aspects of the law relating to physical interventions. It is the first book about the law that I have really understood, written succinctly for the lay reader, writes Matt Dore.

The five chapters cover employer’s liability, criminal law offences, civil law offences, human rights law breaches, and case studies (this being the meat of the book). A section on definitions equips the reader to understand some of the terminology used in law.

It is written in a way that is both interesting and informative, enabling a reader to put some very difficult situations in perspective. For most parents, carers and social care workers, this book would enable them to deal with ethical dilemmas they may face, and to contribute to the eventual outcome for an individual. I found the logic and reasoning behind the case studies particularly fascinating, as it covered every eventuality, and laid them out clearly.

Matt Dore works in Hampshire with people who have learning difficulties.


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