Website Review: 74 Ways of Upsetting A Disabled Person

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74 Ways To Upset A Disabled Person was originally published as a humorous booklet. It was an attempt to highlight the most noticeable forms of discrimination and exclusion experienced by physically disabled people, in the style of a book of etiquette, writes Simon Heng.

For example, Number 41: “… when planning a meeting, think about the access needs of all the participants and make it as inclusive as you can, I know you may just be a normal, but you
can try!”

It is republished here as a way of publicising Enable Enterprises, a Coventry-based organisation which provides training, consultancy, research and advocacy in the disability field.

Both the booklet and the organisation are the creations of Simon Stevens, who is disabled himself.

Although accurate, it contains too many exclamation marks highlighting “humorous” points for it to be really funny. It would be quite informative for the less initiated however.

Simon Heng is physically disabled and works on service user issues

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