Government invests in highlighting the dangers of the web

Child protection campaigners have welcomed a new government initiative to teach teenagers about the dangers of the internet.

Adverts placed in magazines, on the internet and on the radio will bring official advice from the Home Office up-to-date. They will highlight the importance of not giving out personal details and stress what information should not be given when writing a blog or posting a profile. Safer use of instant messaging services and webcams will also be covered.

The Home Office is spending £1m on the campaign, which will run for six weeks. Minister Paul Goggins said: “Just like the real world, the virtual world can contain dangers for children. Sadly, some people online are not who they say they are, and are out to harm or prey on children.”

Children’s charity NCH, which has undertaken research into the risks children face online, has welcomed the campaign. Chief executive Clare Tickell said: “NCH has raised the dangers of child sexual exploitation in relation to the internet many times. We are delighted the government has now taken up this crucial issue.”

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