Conduct Disorder and Behavioural Parent Training

Book Review - Conduct Disorder Conduct Disorder and Behavioural Parent Training
 Dermot O’Reilly, Jessica Kingsley
 ISBN 1843101637,


Dermot O’Reilly provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of conduct disorder and the individual, familial and social factors that influence persistent antisocial behaviour, writes Felix Morris.

The accessible text sets out how behavioural parent training fits in with modern social work practice, provides a broad but understandable description of the social and psychological theories
and methods underpinning conduct disorder and underpins these with current research.

The author examines a range of techniques in direct work with children and families where there are instances of conduct disorder, and presents thorough, evaluated evidence for the effectiveness of behavioural parent training in “warts and all” case studies.

This book will underpin direct work with clients in various settings and support workers in mainstream education, social care students and practitioners.

Felix Morris is a social worker and director of Morris Young Associates

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