The Art of Counselling

Book Cover - Art of CounsellingThe Art of Counselling
Rollo May, Gardner Press
ISBN 0285650998, £9.99




Reading this book was for me like reading an ancient text that has been lost or forgotten for centuries, writes Richard Curen.

Although May’s book was originally published in 1989, the layout and choice of font makes this book look old. The chapters read like a textbook on theology, with one section devoted to morality and another to religion.

The publishers call this book “a true classic” and I agree, but while the works of Freud continue to offer diamonds, I suspect The Art of Counselling would offer little to others practising or interested in counselling.

This book might be of most use to those intending to work in a pastoral setting, but even then I know of more accessible books for those wishing to gain a better understanding of personality and how to offer counselling.

Richard Curen is a qualified counsellor and director of Respond, a national learning difficulties charity

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