Care Standards Legislation Handbook

Care Standards Legislation Care Standards Legislation Handbook 
 His Honour Judge David Pearl, Jordans
 ISBN 0853089647, £35


Designed for the bookshelf rather than the briefcase, this weighty volume brings together all the legislation most useful in social care regulation, writes Heather Chaplin.

Updated annually, this edition includes several complete Acts of Parliament and 21 statutory instruments relating to care homes, childminding, day care, domiciliary care, education and nurses’ agencies in England and Wales, but not legislation specific to Wales.

It contains 424 pages of concentrated legislation and is a goldmine of information for specialists in the field, providers, care staff, managers, inspectors and social care students.

Books of this type need constant revision and as the author points out, the pace of new legislation in this field is unrelenting. As regulation itself rises to the challenge of further change, the book would be invaluable for anyone in the care industry who would like to understand the wider legal context of their work.

Heather Chaplin is an inspector of children’s services

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