Risk and Risk Taking in Health and Social Care

Book Review - Risk and risk taking Risk and Risk Taking in Health and Social Care
 Mike Titterton, Jessica Kingsley
 ISBN 1853024821, £18.95


As the introduction asserts, this is of interest to all professionals working where risk is a factor and, as such, will be equally of interest to health care professionals as well as social workers and students from a variety of disciplines, writes John Gatefield.

The author undertakes a thorough literature review, covers a range of topics from asking what is risk and risk-taking, to providing an overview of the pertinent areas of contemporary concern, including a legal perspective.

Professional dilemmas are thoughtfully considered and several useful case studies are included, along with helpful signposts to relevant key roles from the social work degree.

The person-centred risk assessment and management system (Prams) model proposes a systematic framework for both the analysis and management of risk, together with guidelines relating to good practice, providing the reader with an essential toolkit, useful within both the field and supervision.

John Gatefield is professional development co-ordinator, Halton Council

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