I can tell you what i want

I can tell you what I want
Consultation with Disabled Young People
The Children’s Society
0845 300 1128

Star Rating: 2/5

I looked forward to reading this booklet on advocacy and consultation with disabled young people, writes Tracy Rose. I was particularly interested in the methods used to find out what they wanted and felt, and in the analysis of that information. Unfortunately it did not meet my expectations.

The booklet is in two parts, the first providing an introduction to the project; information about the service and its purpose; the resources used; and basic information about the service user group. The second part gives word-for-word accounts from the young people involved in answer to the questions they were asked.

The presentation is colourful, but it is full of adult-focused information. The second part is confusing in that snapshot information from the young people involved is amalgamated under
the same question heading making it diffi cult to differentiate views. Also, the format did not appear to be accessible for its service user group. Specifically, there was nothing to say it was available in Braille, audio media or Makaton symbols.

The booklet is useful in that it identifi es the need for disabled children and young people to have a voice and be involved in decisions affecting them, and it takes a step in the right direction. It also provides basic information of the advocacy services available and contact details. Unfortunately, though, it is not informative enough to provide criteria details for the service but does acknowledge that  its remit is limited and they do not work with severely or profoundly disabled young people. I struggled to identify its worth in its current format to young people outside of the
participating group.

Tracy Rose is a social worker and youth worker at Solihull Council

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