Dementia and Social Inclusion

Book Cover: Dementia & Social Inclusion Dementia and Social Inclusion: Marginalised Groups and Marginalised Areas of Dementia Research, Care and Practice
 Edited by Anthea Innes, Carole Archibald and Charlie Murphy, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
 ISBN: 1843101742, Price £18.95


Reading the list of topics covered seemed like a roll call of difficult issues – regardless of whether they are linked to the needs of people with dementia, writes Les Bright.

Sexuality, risk management, faecal incontinence and responding to people’s spiritual needs are the stuff of serious discussions between staff in all kinds of services, and at all levels of activity or qualification.

Although I don’t see this book sitting on coffee tables in staff rooms at day care centres, there’s no good reason why it shouldn’t. Its 16 chapters are all of a length that should not intimidate the reader and while many are heavily referenced, they still retain an accessible style – in keeping with a book that seeks to be inclusive.

Les Bright is an independent consultant and professional adviser to the Relatives and Residents Association

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