New plans on returning unaccompanied minors revealed

The government is looking at returning unaccompanied minors whose asylum claims have failed to Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo it emerged today.

The Home Office had already announced that it is considering returning unaccompanied minors whose claims have failed to Albania and Vietnam.

The first returns to take place are likely to be to Albania. A pilot scheme to the country is currently being developed but this has been held up due to a change in government.

At present the government grants leave to remain to unaccompanied minors whose asylum claims have failed until they are 18, and then removes them.

The Refugee Children’s Consortium, a group of charities including Barnardo’s and NCH, is not against returning unaccompanied minors in principle but it says that the government needs to ensure that children will be adequately cared for in their home countries.

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