Training Material: Men with Learning Disabilities who Sexually Abuse: Working Together to Develop Response-ability

Training material: Men with Learning Men with Learning Disabilities who Sexually Abuse: Working Together to Develop Response-ability 
 David Thompson and Hilary Brown, Pavilion,
 ISBN 1841961353, £95



This is an updated version of the ground-breaking Response-ability by the same authors. This edition includes most of the new legislation that affects the lives of people with learning difficulties, most notably the ramifications of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

The resource is split into three main sections: what the men’s behaviour might be, understanding the men’s behaviour, and service responses to the behaviour.

There are also some excellent photocopiable resources at the back that can be used to train staff and to promote best practice. Finally, there is section that is useful to refer to when trying to investigate, record and assess potentially abusive situations.

The use of some really clear and thought-provoking case studies brings to life this whole complex area. The authors underline the importance of thinking as a team and of empowering staff to make decisions on behalf of the abusive men they are supporting and those affected by their behaviour.

The book is ideally for support staff who work with men who have unacceptable or abusive sexual behaviours. I recommend it highly.

Richard Curen is Director of Respond, a charity working with people with learning difficulties who are perpetrators or victims of sexual abuse

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