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Victim Support is a charity which helps people who have been victims of a crime or witnesses. It gives free and confidential advice and support, writes Daniel Hardy.

 In 1972 the first Victim Support project was set up in Bristol. It discovered that victims faced significant emotional, practical and financial problems, but that no statutory agency was taking responsibility for helping them. The first Victim Support group opened in Bristol two years later. Now there is a witness service in every criminal court in England and Wales.

The site answers all the questions you may have about what Victim Support does and how they can help someone who is a victim of a crime or witness.

Information on the site is easy to find. But the site could use more bullet points where possible to make reading easier.

The website provides information that can help people cope with crime that has happened to them. You can order recent publications and download information that could be useful to you, if you have been a victim of crime or you would like to gain more knowledge to be able to support a victim.

Daniel Hardy is equal access to justice worker with Voice UK, a national charity working with people with learning difficulties who have been victims of crime

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