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Mencap is a charity that works with people with learning difficulties and their families, writes Daniel Hardy. Its website is good and accessible for people, like me who have learning difficulties and also for people who are supporting someone who has learning difficulties.

There are links to easy-read guides such as how to keep safe and information on the police.

I like the section where you can listen to what is being said on the web page: just by clicking the mouse on the link provided a voice tells you what is written on the page.

There is also an option to choose bigger text. And there are lots of interactive pictures that make the site a lot more interesting.

The site map, which is like an easy-read contents page, has links to different parts of the website and clearly shows all the information and support that Mencap provides. The site is not confusing and allows you to access specific information more quickly. The section “what you can do” is also a very good way of getting people involved.

Daniel Hardy is equal access to justice worker with Voice UK, a national learning difficulties charity

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