Warning over abuse in mosque schools

The Muslim Parliament of Great Britain has warned of an “avalanche of sex abuse scandals” in the future unless child protection procedures in mosque schools are strengthened.

The parliament last week called on the government to set up a national registration scheme for mosque schools (Madrassas).

This should be monitored by local authorities to ensure that local safeguarding children boards provide support and training to school staff, it said.

In a report, the parliament says the absence of a nationally implemented child protection strategy exposes about 100,000 Muslim children to significant risk of harm.

Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, leader of the parliament, said: “Sweeping the issue of child abuse in UK Madrassas under the carpet is not a solution.

“If nothing is done now we may face an avalanche of child sex abuse scandals decades afterwards, similar to those that are rocking the Roman Catholic Church.”

The report provides Madrassas with guidance on how to protect children from abuse and raise awareness of the issue.

● From www.muslimparliament.org.uk


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