Of Toads and Telecare

Usually invisible to the average reader (aside from avid Community Care devotees), community health minister Liam Byrne got a rather spectacular public roasting by Daily Mirror columnist Paul Routledge this week. 

In response to Sir Derek Wanless review on social care funding, the government “responded by hurling a mass of statistics at the public, out of the mouth of the most glib spokesman it could find, community health minister Liam Byrne, who brings Blairite toadying to a fine art,” according to Routledge. He notes that Byrne “burbled” out figures, including pledging £80 million for telecare, “whatever that is.” Ouch!

The mum of Britain’s “youngest drink-driver” gave the tabloids an excellent page-filler this week. Nora Black, the mother of “tearaway” Leanne Black, 14, mooned at reporters after her daughters court appearance, the Daily Mirror reports, shouting: “My girl’s posh and a f***ing good catch for any man…say that or I’ll kick your f****ing head in.”

Sun columnist Jane Moore joins in, calling Nora to be imprisoned for “crimes against motherhood,” adding: “Personally, I’d pay good money to see this pair of lardy arses marooned in the desert with only boiled rice and sand bugs for company.”

Girls of 12 grow up hating their own shape, the Daily Mail screams. Their idea of a good role model? Teen singer Charlotte Church is “curves ahead”…

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