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Once the Every Child Matters agenda was accepted, the separation of adults’ and children’s services in England gained an unstoppable momentum. So it was only a matter of time before the Association of Directors of Social Services mirrored that split by a reorganisation of its own. It has announced plans to ballot members on the formation of three new leadership organisations, the ADAS representing adult services, the ADCS for children’s services and ADSS Cymru in Wales where generic social services departments survive (as they do of course in Scotland).

When the proposal was announced at the ADSS spring seminar last week there were no dissenting voices and it looks like the vote will be a formality. But the new associations in England will face the same issues that are currently exercising the minds of those in authorities where children’s and adults’ staff are moving apart.

The key issue is how to prevent the two retreating into their shiny new silos and not talking to each other. If ADAS and ADCS are to offer a strong and coherent voice for the profession as a whole – and, like the current Community Care campaign, to Stand Up for Social Care (as opposed to its separate constituent parts) – then it is vital that the new associations are held to their pledge to work together so that we do not lose sight of the common issues that underpin social care and social work.

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