In the Spotlight

What three words best describe you?
Determined, Funny (sometimes)

If you were stuck on a desert island, and could take one person and one object, who and what would they be?Victor Adebowale
T and a working mobile phone

Who inspires you and why?
Cavanagh, an 18th century MP, who was born with no arms or legs. He became a crack shot, travelled the world and was a bit of a ladies man. I’m also inspired by bus drivers, tube workers and care workers.

What is your favourite place in the world?
anywhere with T

If you were on death row what would your last meal be?
Nigerian chicken stew.

Which celebrity would you want to play the role of you in a film about your life?
Samuel L Jackson (or Ted Rogers)

What was the last CD you bought?
Sigur Ros

What is your favourite film of all time?       
Blade Runner

What is the best present you have ever been given? 

If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?
The one I’m doing now (really)

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