Training materials: Using Groupwork

Training Materials - Using Groupwork Using Groupwork 
 Mark Doel, Routledge and Community Care
 ISBN 0415339324, 19.99


This is an amazing resource, writes Sharon Rushworth.

With so much information, it would be a godsend to anyone starting in groupwork as it covers everything you would need to know. Even if you have been working with groups for a long time you will find innovative ideas that can be used.

As part of the social work skills series, the author, who is an experienced groupworker and co-editor of Groupwork journal, provides a practical guide to those considering groupwork, and inspiration for those already involved.

Written in plain English, it is set out in an easy-to-follow format using nine actual groups for case examples. There are quotes from the group workers throughout.

Each chapter sets out an objective and concludes with key points and further reading. Theoretical references are woven into research evidence, and there are activities to help you develop your practice.

If you only ever buy one book on groupwork this is the one.

Sharon Rushworth is a co-ordinator of a Healthy Living Centre in Bradford

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