Question from Community Care – Now for the hard work

Now for the hard work

By Bob Hudson

* The Every Child Matters changes have focused on structural change as the means of delivering on the five outcomes. An alternative approach would be to consider structural change only where it is seen to be blocking the attainment of outcomes. What are the pros and cons of these different approaches? (GUIDE TIME FOR DISCUSSION: 45 minutes)

* The role of director of children’s services will be critical in securing partnership working. How effectively do you think this role will be undertaken? What are the possible problems and how could they be addressed? (30 minutes)

* How adequate is the relationship between local authority children’s services and the NHS? What are the factors that will shape this relationship? (30 minutes)

* What tensions can you identify between policies on children’s services and those on school standards? How could these be addressed and perhaps reconciled? (30 minutes)

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