Critical Thinking for Social Work

Book Cover - Critical Thinking Critical Thinking for Social Work
 Keith Brown and Lynne Rutter, Learning Matters
 ISBN 184445049X,


This is part of the first set of books specifically written for social workers undertaking post-qualifying training and, as such, will be welcomed by those preparing submissions for the new PQ awards, where critical thinking is expected to play an increasing role, writes John Gatefield.

It will certainly help social workers develop their critical thinking ability and apply it to everyday decision-making.

The material is well signposted to National Occupational Standards for Social Work and relevant key roles are clearly identified. It also relates in some detail to criteria from the incoming PQ specialist award.

In addition to chapters about critical thinking, reflection and practice, a chapter is devoted to offering advice to those writing reflective academic assignments, perhaps for the first time.

Every chapter, each concerning a different topic, is well constructed to contain an authoritative introduction, resources and exercises designed to consolidate the reader’s learning.

This deceptively slim volume is offered at a bargain price, but will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable resource for meeting the future demands of the new PQ framework.

John Gatefield is professional development co-ordinator, Halton Council, Merseyside

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