Reaching the Vulnerable Child: Therapy with Traumatised Children

Book Cover - Reaching the Vulnerable Child Reaching the Vulnerable Child: Therapy with Traumatised Children
 Jane Rymaszewska and Terry Philpot,
 Jessica Kingsley Publishers
 ISBN 1843103295,


I recently attended a day course led by SACCS personnel and in looking at this book was mindful of the content of that day, writes Lynne Fordyce.

Midlands agency SACCS has earned itself a good reputation for its work with abused children using an integrated therapeutic model, which, alongside individual work, provides a care structure that allows a damaged child to reform their emotional self and repair damage done. Publications involving SACCS therefore have a sound clinical base.

This book is illustrated throughout with stories of recovering children, alongside descriptions of a wide range of techniques using expressive arts and play to foster both verbal and non-verbal communication, and explanations about the impact of abuse on a child’s development.

It describes the importance of communicating with carers throughout.

This book can be dipped into or read from cover to cover, a boon for any busy therapist or social worker wishing to develop therapy. It also provides exercises for the reader so that they are in touch with a child’s feelings and predicaments.

It is well worth adding to your library.

Lynne Fordyce is a member of a systemic therapeutic service for traumatised children, East Leeds PCT

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