Just some of the soundbites that came out of Community Care Live

● “I made the mistake once of parking in a cul-de-sac facing the dead end. Sounds like pointless advice? Well, it didn’t seem that way when the crowbar came crashing through my windscreen during my three-point turn.”
Sue Carter of Leicestershire Council’s children’s services advises workers visiting potentially “difficult” clients to be careful when parking

● “Ninety-nine per cent of child protection work goes well but the media and politicians are only going to hear about the 1 per cent where the shit hits the fan.”
Sex crime expert Ray Wyre

● “Homeless people who have multiple needs are the litmus test of whether there is equality of access to the NHS.”
Pip Bevan, Homeless Link

● “We would like to see the government working with people rather than trying to push them out of the country.”
The Refugee Council’s Nancy Kelley slams asylum laws

● “Ministers are aware of the sacrifices mental health trusts are making. Ministers will be looking at supporting them over the next few years.”
Mental health “tsar” Louis Appleby


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