The Leaving Care Handbook: Helping and Supporting Care Leavers

Book Cover - Leaving Care The Leaving Care Handbook: Helping and Supporting Care Leavers 
 Ann Wheal, Russell House Publishing
 ISBN 1903855675,

Wheal has produced an accessible handbook with each section making clear points that are explained in a logical fashion.

The book would be very useful to anyone working with young care leavers and is ought to appeal to prison service workers as it would give them some understanding of the social care perspective. It might also encourage them to provide a more structured series of release dates as part of the pathways plan, and more understanding of their roles as corporate parents.

There is also guidance to further resources, including good websites in order to pursue research.

The sections on cooking and budgeting are enjoyable and informative.

But I have a couple of gripes about the book. One mistake I noted, is that young people currently live on £45.50 a week and not £47. And I was disappointed with the packaging. The book is not bound, so if you use it a lot the pages will begin to fall out. But those gripes aside, I recommend it.

Wendy Dare is a project worker, Hertfordshire leaving care service

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