Question from Community Care – Think About It

Think about it

By Keith Brown, Lynne Rutter, Steve Keen

Individual questions
* Critically reflect on a practice experience. Look at the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the experience first but then go deeper and draw out the more hidden aspects of the experience (eg assumptions, deliberations, power issues) by asking ‘why’, ‘how well’, ‘what about’, etc. Also work with others where possible who can challenge you by identifying different perspectives and issues. Identify your learning from this experience and look at how it can affect or impact on your practice. (GUIDE TIME FOR DISCUSSION: 1 hour)

* Think about a practice decision you have recently made – use the critical practice framework to link your processes and actions to relevant critical thinking activities. Which critical thinking activities can you identify as part of your work practices? Which appear to be missing and why? Identify any need for change or extra training. (30 minutes)

Team questions
* How can critical thinking and reflection become fixed elements of continuing professional development eg via appraisal, supervision? (30 minutes)

* How can these elements be assessed for CPD outcomes? (30 minutes)


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