Spaces of Social Exclusion

Book Cover - Spaces of Social Exclusion Spaces of Social Exclusion
 Jamie Gough and Aram Eisenschitz with Andrew McCulloch, Routledge
 ISBN 0415280893,


This valuable contribution to the subject of poverty and social policy provides an up-to-date analysis of how poverty is created and continues in our society, writes Cynthia Heymanson.

As well as a sound overview of the economic and social issues, the authors emphasise the role of space and place, and how these contribute to poverty or social exclusion. In the third section, policies on housing and environment are well explored, with suggestions on how people’s lives can be improved. Although the UK is the principal reference, worldwide examples from capitalist countries are also provided.

Although academic, the book can be recommended to social work students (reinforcing reasons for committing to a career in the profession) and researchers who seek inspiring arguments for reversing the perpetuation of disadvantage.

Part Three would equip organisational leaders or directors who ought to be in a position to contribute to “policy into practice” to be equipped with political arguments to reshape policy.

As a history undergraduate in the 1960s, my special module was “Poverty as a Problem of Social Policy” – so, for me, the book was an engaging revision and a subject update. The book is theoretically rigorous but accessible.

Cynthia Heymanson is an independent trainer

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