Social worker jailed for client sex

By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

Our teachers often cuddle pupils, says Summerhill head
The head teacher of Summerhill, the unorthodox independent school where pupils can choose whether to attend classes, has defended physical affection between staff and students.
Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Saturday 3 June 2006, page 9
Mother to sue Home Office for releasing killer
The mother of Naomi Bryant, murdered by a man serving a life sentence for rape, is planning to sue the Home Office under the Human Rights Act.
Bryant, 40, was killed by Anthony Rice last August, nine months after he had been released on licence.
Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Saturday 3 June 2006, page 11
Paedophile stalker jailed for ten years
A paedophile who served jail sentences for holding a four-year-old boy in captivity and assaulting a boy of eight was sent to prison yesterday for stalking young children.
Source:- The Times, Saturday 3 June 2006, page 2,,2-2209013.html
Mother spared jail
A woman who allowed her lover to murder her four-month-old baby was spared jail.
Source:- The Times, Saturday 3 June 2006, page 4,,2-2208928.html
Care homes told to improve the quality of death
Care home staff should concentrate as much on ensuring that residents have a good death as they do on maintaining a good quality of life for them, according to new government guidelines that challenge social taboos about mortality.
Source:- The Times, Saturday 3 June 2006, page 16,,2-2208572.html
Social worker jailed for client sex
A social worker has been jailed for having an affair with a married women who was suffering from post-natal depression, even though she consented to sex. Christopher Bradford, 41, took advantage of his 31-year-old client during weekly counselling sessions, Bournemouth Crown Court heard.
Source:- The Times, Saturday 3 June 2006, page 27,,2-2208848.html
Cash for asylum scandal hits Reid
Police are investigating dozens of allegations relating to a large-scale “cash for asylum” racket among Home Office immigrations officials, with claims that official are accepting a “going rate” of up to £4,000 in return for residency status.
Source:- The Observer, 4 June 2006, page 2,,1790102,00.html
Hundreds of child slaves sold into UK every year
Children as young as six are being brought to Britain in their hundreds every year to be used as “slave labour” in sweatshops, private homes and cannabis factories, according to a coalitions of nine charities, including Unicef and Save the Children.
Source:- The Sunday Telegraph, 4 June 2006, page 1
A third more babies left in full-time care
A record number of babies and toddlers are being looked after “full-time” in nurseries, government figures reveal.
Source:- The Sunday Telegraph, 4 June 2006, page 8
Huge rise in school pupils convicted of carrying knives
The number of schoolchildren convicted of carrying a knife has almost doubled in five years, according to government figures.
Source:- The Sunday Telegraph, 4 June 2006, page 10
Prescott’s housing plans risk adding to water crisis
A Lords committee will condemn the deputy prime minister’s failure to sufficiently consult water companies over his plans to build more homes in southeast England.
Source:- The Sunday Times, 4 June 2006, page 2,,2087-2210004.html
They’ve already taken three of our children. If they take Brandon too, it will destroy us
Mother flees to Ireland after all her three children were adopted by force faces the terrible prospect that her new baby will also be taken into care.
Source:- The Mail on Sunday, 4 June 2006, page 12

Half-baked NHS reforms could harm patients, says think-tank
Patients could suffer from reforms to introduce choice and competition in the NHS unless the government gives a clearer commitment to establishing a full-blown market for the supply of healthcare, according to the King’s Fund.
Source:- Financial Times, Monday 5 June 2006, page 1
Asylum map of Britain
Hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers have been dispersed around Britain and clustered according to what languages they speak.
Source:- Daily Mail, Monday 5 June 2006, page 20

UNHCR attacks point-scoring pundits
Public debate about asylum-seekers has become increasingly “negative and vitriolic”, despite a rapid fall in the number arriving in the UK, according to a report from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
Source:- The Guardian, Monday 5 June 2006, page 10,,1790319,00.html
Child abduction
A man has been charged with rape, child grooming and child abduction after a girl, 14, who disappeared from her home in Warwickshire last Wednesday was traced to an address in Cumbria.
Source:- The Times, Monday 5 June 2006, page 8,,2-2211174,00.html
Whitehall threatens to cut grants unless thugs are tackled locally
The government has called on councils to deal with antisocial behaviour and increase street safety.,,2-2211175.html
Scottish news

New degree aims to improve care of terminally ill patients
New services aimed at caring for terminally ill patients will be developed as part of a course devised by an Edinburgh hospice.
The course run by St Columba’s Hospice and Queen Margaret University College is the first to be available to those already caring for patients who are suffering from incurable illnesses.
As well as doctors and nurses, the part-time Master of Science degree will also be open to chaplains and social workers.
Source:- The Scotsman, Saturday 3 June

Counting the cost of caring
The flagship policy of free personal care for the elderly was conceived as a new deal for Scotland’s pensioners, but the policy is mired in rows over serious under-funding.
In some cases it comes down to arguments over whether providing help with opening a can of soup should be free or charged for.
A survey by The Herald has found local authorities across the country, charged with implementing the policy, are feeling increasingly desperate, while carers, denied help, are forced to struggle on.
Source: The Herald, Monday 5 June

Council refuses to provide free care to elderly
Hundreds of older people are being denied their legal right to free personal care because a local authority claims it has run out of money to pay for it.
Despite being assessed as having personal care needs, Argyll and Bute Council has told people they must do without until more money becomes available.
The council now faces the prospect of having a hit squad imposed on it by ministers after declining to fund carers and elderly people fully.
Source: The Herald, Monday 5 June

Call to speed up care plans after failures at nurseries
Ministers have been urged to speed up the publication of their plans for the future of childcare after a number of dangerous failures were revealed in Scotland’s nurseries.
Examples of children being restrained in cots for long periods of time and failures to run checks on the criminal histories of staff were among the problems highlighted in reports by the Care Commission.
A total of 34 improvement notices, which order immediate action to rectify serious problems, have also been issued against nurseries in the past four years.
Source: The Scotsman, Monday 5 June

Welsh news

Lesbian lover breaks down in court
The lesbian lover of a woman battered to death together with her two children and her mother broke down in court as she gave evidence yesterday.
Alison Lewis was giving evidence in the retrial of David Morris, 44, of Craid-cefn-parc in the Swansea Valley, who denies murdering Mandy Power 34, her two children, Katie, 10, and Emily, eight, and her 80-year-old mother Doris Dawson.
Source:- South Wales Echo, Saturday 3 June 2006

Heroin pair jailed
A 24-year-old mother has been jailed alongside her partner after both admitting supplying heroin.
Hannah Williams, who is herself a heroin user, was jailed for 18 months after admitting supplying one person with heroin for cash and another on credit. The drugs belonged to William’s boyfriend Jeffrey Lloyd, 33. He was given a sentence of four and a half years.
The couple were arrested after police raided their home in Nantyffyllon, Maesteg.
Source:- South Wales Echo, Saturday 3 June 2006

Yobs will force us out of here, say residents
Residents say they may be forced to move house due to anti-social behaviour by youths.
More than 100 concerned residents in Thornhill attended a meeting last week complaining that youths were breaking windows and drinking. Some said they were so upset by the activities they were being forced to sell their properties.
Source:- Western Mail, Saturday 3 June 2006

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