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The Ann Craft Trust is a UK based organisation working with staff in the statutory, independent and voluntary sectors to protect people with learning difficulties who may be at risk of abuse and to support professionals, families and carers, writes Winnie McNeil.

The site’s homepage has a click-through for anyone who thinks that they are being abused or at risk, as well as pictures and supporting statements from a celebrity supporter and a person with learning difficulties. These statements are clear and simple about the issues at stake and their importance. There are excellent links to other organisations as well as to a wide range of information sources, including relevant research and training.

It has published research on adolescent abusers with learning difficulties, whistleblowing, the abuse of disabled children and, with funding from the Family Support Unit at the Home Office, it has evaluated a volunteer home-visiting project for parents with learning difficulties.

One reservation that I have is that although the site is accessible and has good content, it is not interactive enough especially for people with learning difficulties themselves, as opposed to professionals and carers. But, all in all, a very good and worthwhile site to visit.

Winnie McNeil is a counsellor and information worker with Respond, a national learning difficulties charity

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