Charities call for Clause 96 to be deleted from Education and Inspections Bill

More than 20 voluntary organisations are backing Parentline Plus and Advice Centre for Education for their call for Clause 96 of the Education and Inspections Bill to be deleted.

Under Clause 96, parents of children who have been excluded from school for up to five days and who are present on a highway or public place during school hours will be committing an offence.

The charities believe that if clauses 96 to 99 are enacted they will disproportionately penalise parents and children and not achieve the aim of ensuring the safety and supervision of excluded children.

Dorit Braun, chief executive of Parentline Plus, said: “The intension of ensuring the safety and supervision of children is laudable, but this clause will not ensure these, in fact it may damage the wellbeing of some children.

“Indeed, it may feed an unhelpful ‘blame the parents’ culture,” she added.

Parentline Plus and ACE believe the monies would be better spent on supporting children’s special needs and disabilities and working with vulnerable families to enhance their parenting and communication skills.

The charities believe working with the vulnerable families in this way is key to reducing antisocial behaviour among children at school.

The Education and Inspections Bill reaches the House of Lords on Wednesday (21st June).


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