Wales senior staff report low morale

Morale among social services leaders in Wales has deteriorated, a survey has indicated.

Researchers from Glamorgan University’s Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care found the morale of senior and middle managers in social services had worsened slightly over the past year.

One-third of all Welsh social services directors and lead cabinet members responded to the survey.

Many were pessimistic about the prospects for service improvement. Most said it was “fairly unlikely” that the performance of all social services departments would be satisfactory or better within 12 months – a similar response to last year.

A majority of the respondents, who included senior NHS managers, said mental health services in England were superior to those in Wales.

Penny Lloyd, professional officer at the British Association of Social Workers Wales, said workforce morale was generally improving, but added: “I’m not hearing that across the board. I still hear some practitioners say morale is dreadful. If they are saying that, it must be reflected up the scale.”

Bridgend Council social services director Tony Garthwaite said performance reports in recent months suggested social services were improving gradually.

Meanwhile, the creation of the Association of Directors of Social Services Wales as a separate entity from the ADSS will be discussed next month at a meeting of directors and service heads.
The move was backed in a members’ ballot (Directors back plan for new structure, 15 June).


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