Allowance level a ‘bare faced insult’

The government has been urged to reform the allowance paid to carers after a survey described it as “offensively low” and a “bare faced insult”.

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers said there were a range of problems with carers allowance, which is worth £46.95 a week, particularly its lack of flexibility according to carers’ circumstances.

Peter Tihanyi (pictured), the charity’s head of policy, said: “If you care for two or three people you only get one allowance, or if you have two or three people caring for one person you get one allowance.”

The charity presented its case to Department for Work and Pensions officials at a meeting in May, but the government has not yet made any commitment to reform the benefit.

A recent survey of carers conducted by the charity found widespread dissatisfaction with the allowance, which is paid to people who care for a minimum 35 hours a week.

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