Training Material: Firm Foundations: A Practical Guide to Organisational Support for the Use of Research Evidence

 Firm Foundations: A Practical Guide to Organisational Support for the Use of Research Evidence
 Research in Practice
 ISBN: 1904984126, download from


Research in Practice is a large UK child care research project, writes Sheena Thomas. Its aim is to support child care agencies’ use of existing research evidence in order to promote positive outcomes. It views “evidence-informed practice” as integral to all work with vulnerable children and their families. It believes that evidence-informed practice involves a combination of research evidence, practice wisdom and user views.

This handbook is a useful tool for managers attempting to develop the culture and resources within their organisation to facilitate the effective use of research knowledge.

As the title suggests changes will often need to be made at an agency-wide level in order to support front-line staff and inform policymakers.

First, it clarifies exactly what it means by evidence-informed practice and provides resources for managers to audit their organisation’s current position in this regard.

Second, it provides resources to allow you to plan how to highlight and deal with existing barriers and how to use opportunities. Third, it details the culture, facilities and skills needed to support evidence-informed practice within your organisation and shows how to measure progress in developing these.

The handbook contains a DVD, which gives four positive and practical examples of how specific organisations have improved their use of evidence informed practice.

Materials are also supported with web-based references and links to the project’s website:

Sheena Thomas is research and information manager, Include, CfBT Education Trust

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