Social Services Improvement Agency in Wales faces difficulties recruiting staff

Development of the Social Services Improvement Agency for Wales is being hampered by difficulties in recruiting staff to fill key positions.

The agency has acknowledged that concerns expressed when it was set up in March about problems in recruiting appropriate staff have “to some degree been vindicated”.

Despite a thorough recruitment process, the agency has not yet filled a regional improvement co-ordinator post for mid and south east Wales and has been forced to make an interim appointment until the autumn at the earliest. It is also still recruiting for a strategic manager.

However, it has appointed two other regional co-ordinators and a new business manager.

The delay in making the appointments has freed up some funds, enabling the agency to expand its work to help councils develop better ways of commissioning children’s services and spread best practice.

It also wants to develop an 18-month fast-track programme to offer mentoring to the most talented managers.

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