Ex-councillor cleared of abusing boy

Ex-councillor cleared of abusing boy
Homophobic motives were suggested for claims of assault at children’s home 20 years ago.Colin Inglis, a former council leader and police authority chairman was yesterday cleared of sexually abusing a teenage boy more than 20 years ago.
Source:- The Times, Tuesday 18 July 2006, page 14
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Osbourne accuses Brown of abandoning prudence
The Conservatives have promised to cut the share of national income spent by the government and increase private provision of public services.Shadow chancellor George Osborne made the pledges in a speech that criticised opposite number Gordon Brown’s use of targets and increases in public spending.
Source:- The Independent, Tuesday 18 July 2006, page 17
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Teachers worried about sexual behaviour in primary school children
Teachers in Birmingham worried about sexual behaviour in children as young as seven have called in a special taskforce to deal with the problem.
Source: Daily Mirror, Tuesday 18 July 2006, page 12
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Child football team banned from Scotland over ‘illegal migrant’ fear
An African under-14s football team has been banned from taking part in an international tournament in Scotland on the orders of the Foreign Office, which claimed the young players might abscond.
The 24-strong squad of players from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe had been due to take part in the Aberdeen international football festival.
The footballers from Bulawayo, which is twinned with Aberdeen, were due to join another 21 teams from Britain, Norway, Belarus, Ghana, the US and South Africa.
Source:- The Scotsman, Tuesday 18 July 2006
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Labour election promise to slash costly council staffing
Labour ministers are drawing up plans to make sweeping cuts in the number of managers in Scotland’s councils by demanding that departments merge across council boundaries.
The Scotsman has learned that Labour intends to go into the 2007 Holyrood elections with a promise to reduce bureaucracy in Scotland’s councils.
If elected, this could mean job cuts at the top end of local authority management. Labour leaders do not believe that every council needs its own education department, for example, with its own director and deputy director.
Source:- The Scotsman, Tuesday 18 July 2006
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Anger at celebrity adoption TV show
Adoption groups have reacted with dismay over the BBC’s plan for a new reality TV show where celebrities win the right to adopt a child.
One adoption agency approached by producers refused to get involved after being told the series will feature “well known BBC1 faces”.
A source said: “Why do people think that viewers will only watch a TV show if celebrities are involved? It doesn’t seem appropriate for an issue as sensitive as this.”
Source:- The Record, Tuesday 18 July 2006

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