Report finds ‘stark’ evidence of healthcare postcode lottery

Report finds ‘stark’ evidence of healthcare postcode lottery
Healthcare spending is subject to a postcode lottery, with some areas paying out more on cancer, heart disease or mental health than others, a new report from the King’s Fund says.
Source:- The Guardian, Wednesday 9 August 2006, page 7

Parents jailed for daughter’s school absence
The parents of a teenage girl were jailed for four months yesterday after it emerged that their daughter had turned up for school for the equivalent of only six days during a seven-month period.
Newport magistrates in south Wales heard that Christopher and Deborah Haine had shown a “complete disregard” as to whether their 14-year-old daughter Shlaine went to school.
Source:- The Guardian, Wednesday 9 August 2006, page 9

Search for human remains at sex offender’s house
Police will begin an extensive forensic excavation of the former home of a paedophile in a search for what they believe are human remains.
Residents of the 1960s estate of Walton Green, outside Croydon, south London were handed leaflets yesterday alerting them to the search that would be carried out at a terrace house on the estate.
Source:- The Guardian, Wednesday 9 August 2006, page 6

New survey on domestic violence
Frontline social care workers rarely encounter rarely encounter domestic violence in their practice, survey finds.
Source:- Society Guardian, Wednesday 9 August 2006, page 6

Burglar freed while judge considers him for drug treatment
A serial burglar was freed on bail after the judge asked to hear more about his drug habit before passing sentence.
Recorder John Plumstead said he needed to know if Gibson is suitable for drug treatment.
Source:- Daily Mail, Wednesday 9 August 2006, page 11

Work accidents kill one young person a month
Nearly 4,500 young people are injured or killed at work every year, 20% more than five years ago, according to new TUC  research published today.
One person aged under 25 dies every month in a workplace accident, it finds.
Source:- The Guardian, Wednesday 9 August 2006, page 9

Prison record
The number of prisoners in England and Wales hit a record high yesterday.
Source:- The Times, Wednesday 9 August 2006, page 4

Open door to migrants faces axe
Ministers are considering abandoning Tony Blair’s open door policy of
unrestricted access for workers from new European Union members in a major rethink of immigration strategy.
Source:- Daily Telegraph, Wednesday 9 August 2006, page 2

Scottish news

Glasgow traders plan anti-begging wardens
Traders at Glasgow’s Royal Exchange Square shopping centre are considering hiring their own wardens to keep beggars away.
 Under the plans to combat antisocial behaviour, uniformed security guard-style staff would call police if they believe a crime is being committed.
The scheme, which could be operating within a few months, follows moves by councils in Aberdeen and Edinburgh to introduce by-laws to ban beggars.
Source:- The Herald, Wednesday 9 August 2006

Sexual health services ‘may drive away embarrassed teenagers’
Sexual health services may deter young people from seeking vital help, according to a group of teenage mystery shoppers.
The undercover volunteers reported that delays at clinics and a lack of privacy could discourage embarrassed young people from discussing sensitive issues.
The teenagers rated nine NHS drop-in clinics and community pharmacies providing the morning-after pill free of charge. Their report highlighted a number of concerns about the barriers faced by young people, including long queues and delays in getting appointments.
Source:- The Scotsman, Wednesday 9 August 2006

 Welsh news

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