Raising Biracial Children

 Raising Biracial Children
 Kerry Ann Rockquemore and Tracey Laszloffy,
 AltaMira Press
 ISBN 075910901X,


This study went some way towards answering the question of whether people in the US find it easier to discuss racism than we in the UK.

Key arguments about “race” and identity in the lives of young children are carefully and intelligently examined but the book’s real strength is the strategies it recommends for parents, extended family members and care givers, writes Abiola Ogunsola.

The issues are complex, so the language, particularly in the first two chapters is not easy. But the book has clearly been written for parents raising mixed race children as well as teachers, therapists, social workers and other social service professionals who work with them.

Case studies are used to illustrate the discussion and the text is broken up into digestible and useful sections to make it accessible. The complexities of racialised identities are carefully theorised in two chapters while later chapters discuss strategies for parents and families to use with mixed race children.

Painful and difficult issues are handled sensitively and effectively.Ê All parents and professionals who work with children and young people will want to borrow ideas from this book.

Abiola Ogunsola is lecturer in education, University of East London

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