Tories unveil polices to support disadvantaged people

The Conservative Party has made fighting social injustice one of eight themes of a mini-manifesto launched today to define the party’s direction under David Cameron.

Built to last says the “test of a strong and just society is how it looks after the least advantaged”, but says this should be done by empowering the voluntary sector, for instance through longer-term funding, rather than increased state action.

It promises support for special schools, “clearer rights” to respite care to help carers, a huge increase in drug rehabilitation services for young people and supported employment opportunities to help people on incapacity benefit gain work.

The only reference to social care among over 50 policy ideas involves the dependence of “local social services” on carers.

The manifesto also proposes reduced means-testing for pensioners paid for by an increased retirement age – matching government pledges – and freeing public sector professionals from targets and bureaucracy.



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