Schools plan for children in care

Schools plan for children in care
Government proposals for children in care to be educated in state and private boarding schools are to be taken a step forward, it was revealed yesterday.
Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday 29 August 2006, page 4

Elderly patients left to starve in hospital wards
Nine out of 10 nurses say they are too busy to help older people eat their meals in hospital, an Age Concern report has said.
The charity said almost 60 per cent of older patients were at risk of malnutrition as it launched a campaign to improve the situation.
Source:- Daily Mirror, Tuesday 29 August 2006, page 10

Child abuse vow
The government has vowed to crack down on child trafficking gangs.
Source:- The Times, Tuesday 29 August 2006, page 23

Brown wants curb on public sector pay
Chancellor Gordon Brown has set public sector bodies a targe of 2 per cent for pay rises next year to counter inflation.
Source:- Financial Times, Tuesday 29 August 2006, page 1

ChildLine calls about bullying hit new high
ChidLine has warned that calls to its helpline about bullying have risen by 12 per cent in the past 12 months, and that homophobic bullying was a growing concern.
The charity said that 37,000 children called about bullying from April 2005 to March 2006, up from 32,500 the previous year.
Source:- Daily Mirror, Tuesday 29 August 2006, page 4

Scottish news

Executive admits confusion over personal care
The policy of  free personal care for the elderly is still beset by confusion over what it covers, ministers have conceded.
The admission came in the Scottish executive’s response to a report by Holyrood’s health committee which identified “major problems”, such as questions about funding, the use of waiting lists by some councils and confusion over whether services such as meal preparation was covered.
In its formal response, the executive said: “We agree that aspects of the policy may need to be communicated or delivered more effectively.”
Source:- The Scotsman, Tuesday 29 August 2006
Doctors brand child protection checks a ‘knee-jerk reaction’
Doctors in Edinburgh have accused health chiefs of a knee-jerk reaction over child protection plans which will mean all children registering with a GP will receive a “welcome” consultation.
They say the move will take up valuable time, which would be better spent concentrating on genuinely vulnerable children and seeing ill patients.
NHS Lothian believes the new guidelines will work as an added safety net to ensure the well-being of young children.
Source:- The Scotsman, Tuesday 29 August 2006

Welsh news

Paedophile found dead in the Taff was due to be jailed
Police confirmed yesterday that a convicted paedophile found dead in a welsh river was due to be jailed for sex offences.
Raymond Croft’s body was discovered in the river Taff just days after he missed his sentencing in Swansea last week.
Source:- Western Mail,  Tuesday 29 August 2006



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