One in eight pupils speak English as their second language

By Gordon Carson, Mithran Samuel, Derren Hayes and Clare Jerrom

One in eight pupils speaks English as second language
Councils in areas of high migration levels from Eastern Europe are seeking extra cash to support migrant children in schools.
Suffolk Council, which said it was taking 15 per cent of Eastern European migrants said its grant for supporting children from ethnic minorities in schools had fallen from 2005 to 2006.
The Department for Education and Skills has ordered a survey of the impact of migration from Eastern Europe on schools and colleges.
Source:- Daily Telegraph Friday 29 September 2006 page 2  
 A mother at 15? Here’s a certificate
Leciester Council held an event yesterday to recognise pupils who managed to take their GCSEs while coping with a newborn baby.
It said the event was designed to demonstrate its support for teenage parents, complementing its strategy to cut teenage pregnancy.
Source:- Daily Telegraph Friday 29 September 2006 page

Underlying problems such as drug abuse could be missed under government plans to fine offenders on the spot for serious crimes such as muggings, the Magistrates’ Association has warned.

Source: The Times, Friday 29th September, page 1

Children at Montessori schools, where tests are banned and pupils are allowed to learn at their own pace, develop better social and academic skills than those at conventional schools, according to research.
Source: The Times, Friday 29th September, page 7

New mums will be given a 10-minute test to help identify if their babies risk developing antisocial behaviour later in life.
Source: The Times, Friday 29th September, page 8

Scottish news

Huge rise in domestic abuse cases

There’s been a surge in attacks among victims known to have already suffered domestic abuse – from 20,475 in 2004-5 to 23,558 in 2005-6.
However, new police figures show the number of first time domestic abuse incidents last year was static at just under 19,000. Overall, cases grew by more than 2,000 last year, from 43,631 to 45,796.
Domestic abuse against men also rose markedly, with 5,447 cases recorded in 2005-6 – 10 per cent more than the previous year’s total of 4,957.

Source: The Scotsman, Friday 29 September

Police fear sex offender may head for Scotland

Child safety fears were raised last night after it emerged a convicted sex offender, who has escaped police surveillance in Northern Ireland, may be on his way to Scotland. Paul Hunter Redpath, originally from Stranraer, poses “a serious risk to vulnerable children and young people”, police warned.
The alert was launched after Redpath, who recently left approved accommodation, broke probation conditions.
Source: The Scotsman, Friday 29 September

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