Care blunders led to murders, admits NHS

Care blunders led to murders, admits NHS
The NHS blamed a senior psychiatrist yesterday for grave errors of judgment that led to one of his patients killing two prostitutes and dumping their dismembered bodies in bin bags in a Liverpool alley.
Mersey Care NHS trust said Eric Birchall, a consultant psychiatrist, released a schizophrenic patient from hospital, advising GPs that he posed a low risk to other people. But the patient, a bodybuilder with a history of violence, was likely to become dangerous if he reverted to using alcohol, cannabis and cocaine.
Source:- The Guardian, Saturday 30 September 2006, page 5

Nursery fees set to rise by 15%
Parents face a sharp increase in nursery fees from January as new government-subsidised children’s centres drive up staff costs for private daycare.
Source:- The Times, Saturday 30 September 2006, page 28

Two out of three ASBOs breached
Two out of three antisocial behaviour orders obtained by councils in areas where the Home Office pioneered the policy were being breached, it was revealed yesterday.
Source:- The Times, Saturday 30 September 2006, page 7

New law may harm old workers
Laws banning age discrimination in old workers could backfire and end up damaging the job prospects of older workers, leading lawyers have warned ministers
Source:- The Times, Saturday 30 September 2006, page 8

Council blunders over Asbos
A council blunder forced a resident who testified against antisocial youths to flee
Source:- The Times, Saturday 30 September 2006, page 6

Body found in Glasgow church
Police searching for a Polish student who has been missing since Sunday said last night that a body had been found concealed in St Patrick’s Church, in the Anderston area of Glasgow, where she was last sighted. Angelika Kluk, 23, was last seen with Peter Tobin, a registered sex offender, who has served a jail term for raping a teenage girl and indecently assaulting another.
Source:- The Times, Saturday 30 September 2006, page 1

Police cells may house prisoners
Ministers are poised to announce the emergency use of police cells to hold prisoners, as there are just 324 empty spaces left in the jail service.
Source:- The Times, Saturday 30 September 2006, page 29

Lead and smoking blamed for rise in hyperactive children
One-third of all children with attention deficit problems can blame their disability on their mothers smoking in pregnancy and on lead pollution, according to an official US study.
Source:- Independent on Sunday, 1 October 2006, page 26

Church murder suspect is fugitive
A convicted sex offender who has disappeared following the suspected murder of a Polish student in Glasgow had been on the run from the police for almost a year.
Source:- Sunday Times, 1 October 2006, page 5

Pope ‘led cover-up of child abuse by priests’
The Pope played a leading role in a systematic cover-up of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests, according to a shocking documentary to be screened by the BBC tonight.
Source:- Mail on Sunday, 1 October 2006, page 15

Police ordered to stop calling young tearaways ‘yobs’
Scotland Yard has banned its officers from using the word “yob”  for fear that it might alienate young people.
Source:- Sunday Telegraph, 1 October 2006, page 1

Errors let a rapist walk free
An urgent review was under way last night into how a rapist with a history of violence was able to abscond from a hostel in Yorkshire, remove his electronic tag and flee 250 miles to Somerset – despite being classed as one of the most dangerous offenders released from prison under licence.
The case is likely to provoke comparisons with a number of recent high-profile cases involving violent offenders who were out on licence and went on to commit further serious crimes.
Source:- Observer, Sunday 1 October 2006, page 5

Daughter disputes she drove parents to suicide
Interview with Lisa Ainscow, who disputes the view of her parents that she drove them to suicide because of their autistic daughter’s compulsive behaviour.
Source:- Mail on Sunday, 1 October 2006, page 44

Paedophiles travel to Eastern Europe
A growing number of British paedophiles are taking short trips to Eastern Europe to prey on street children, exploiting a rule that they only have to tell authorities if their trip lasts more than three days.
Source:- The Sun, Monday 2 October 2006, page 21

Risk over flu vaccine
The lives of millions of elderly and vulnerable people will be put at risk by a delay in manufacturing the flu vaccine
Source:- Daily Mail, Monday 2 October 2006, page 4

Teenage mum arrested over murder suspicions
A girl of 15 has been arrested on suspicion of murdering her baby son just hours after giving birth.
Source: Daily Mail, Monday 2 October, page 28

Letwin denies remark over NHS contractors
The Conservative party has denied suggestions Oliver Letwin told a Sunday newspaper there would be “no limit” on the use of  private contractors in the NHS.
Source:- The Times, Monday 2 October 2006, page 8

No children for council residents says Ross
TV presenter Jonathan Ross has sparked fury after claiming on his chat show that people living on council estates should be banned from having children.
Source:- The Sun, Monday 2 October 2006, page 3

Scottish news

Executive reveals a huge rise in children at risk of sex abuse
The number of youngsters placed on child protection registers because of possible sex abuse has risen by 33 per cent in a year, according to executive figures.
Last year, 226 children were registered because of sex abuse or the risk of sex abuse, but in the 12 months to March the figure went up to 301.
There were similar rises in the number of children placed on registers for physical injury, up 24 per cent to 779, and physical neglect, up 20 per cent to 1,243.
Source: The Scotsman, Saturday 30 September 2006

Immigration drive hijacked
The Scottish executive’s Fresh Talent Initiative, launched last year to persuade immigrants to come to Scotland, is being used to con African students out of hundreds of pounds.
Students in Nigeria have been approached by conmen posing as British airline officials promising they can get them into Scotland via the scheme, which enables foreign graduates to stay on to find work after they complete their studies.
One student was told he needed to pay a registration fee of £200, and would be helped to reach Scotland. He was then asked for a further £150 ‘entry clearance fee’.
Source:- Scotland on Sunday, 1 October 2006


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