Intimate and Personal Care with People with Learning Disabilities

Intimate and Personal Care with People with Learning Disabilities
Steven Carnaby and Paul Cambridge,
Jessica Kingsley
ISBN 1843101300, £19.99


This is a valuable book for senior practitioners and academics in an area of practice that is far too often overlooked, writes Matt Dore.

Part one looks at the context of intimate and personal care, which includes staff attitudes, race, sexuality, health and the development of policies. Part two is concerned with developing best practice, and includes multidisciplinary working, promoting independence, working with adults, children and young people and older people who have learning difficulties. There is a depth and rigour to each chapter and a good use of case studies.

Chapters give useful recommendations on best practice, details on assessment tools, or outlines policies and procedures. The appendices may assist managers or students to devise their own questionnaires or teaching programmes.

It is written in a straightforward manner and does not use too much jargon. Although I would recommend this book to managers
and academics, other carers and support workers may find some chapters useful in their understanding of personal care for
people with learning difficulties.

Matt Dore works with people who have learning difficulties in Hampshire

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