Management gurus coming to a school near you

Tuesday October 31 2006

Management gurus coming to a school near you

Angry kids are to get the services of an anger management guru at a primary school in Suffolk, the Sun reports. The £2,000-a-month counsellor will visit twice a week to deal with pupils “rages.”

Madge has some explaining to do

The Sun also reports that Madonna is to appear on tonight’s Newsnight to “defend” her adoption of an African boy, after snubbing” megabucks” offers from Jonathan Ross and Parky. Kirsty Wark is doing the interview, no doubt to the disappointment of viewers who would prefer Paxo to give her a grilling. Just imagine Paxo savaging Madge: “DID YOU or DID YOU NOT bend the law to adopt this child? You are NOT answering the QUESTION!” ad infinitum…what a missed opportunity!

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