£30m to curb sex attacks on wards for mentally ill

£30m to curb sex attacks on wards for mentally ill
The government pledged £30million yesterday to increase the safety of women at risk of sexual attacks on mental health wards.
Source:- The Times, Friday 3 November 2006, page 2

Couple beat family court secrecy
A couple whose three children were taken from them and put up for adoption in what they claim was a “catastrophic and draconian” miscarriage of justice have succeeded in having their fight to keep their fourth child heard in open court.
In an unprecedented ruling yesterday that lifts the curtain of secrecy from family court proceedings, a judge gave Nicola Webster and her partner, Mark Webster from Cromer, Norfolk, the right to tell their story publicly.
The couple, whose case has received widespread newspaper coverage under Mrs Webster’s maiden name, Hardingham, will today appear in the High Court, where the future of their five-month-old son, Brandon, will be decided.
Source:- The Times, Friday 3 November 2006, page 35

Mother first to be convicted of failing to stop violent lover killing her baby
A young mother has become the first British woman to be convicted of allowing her child to be murdered by a violent partner.
Source:- Daily Mail, Friday 3 November 2006, page 35

Fury over homeless gran
A homeless disabled woman from Exmouth has appeared on a webcam horrifying viewers around the world with her plight, though social workers claim they have tried to help her but she has refused.
Source:- Daily Mirror, Friday 3 November 2006, page 29

Young disabled living in poverty
Hundreds of thousands of disabled children are living in poverty because the needs of their families are sidelined, social policy experts claim in the British Medical Journal.
Source:- The Times, Friday 3 November 2006, page 35

Troubled teens? All they need is love, says Cameron
David Cameron called for a fresh “tough love” approach to tackling rebellious teenagers as research condemned British youngsters as the worst-behaved in Europe.
Source:- The Times, Friday 3 November 2006, page 4

Public servants and their six-figure salaries
Leading public sector employees are being paid City-style salaries, with three earning more than £1 million a year and 46 on more than £250,000 a year, says a report on the highest-paid public servants.
Source:- The Times, Friday 3 November 2006, page 6

Tories to set town halls free
Councils will be given the power to determine how millions of pounds currently controlled by government agencies is spent in their area under plans to be announced by David Cameron today.
Source:- Daily Telegraph, Friday 3 November 2006, page 1

Weekend prisoner scheme is dropped despite crowded jails
The Home Office said it was discontinuing weekend prisons – or intermittent custody – which was hailed as a revolutionary way of cutting the prison population. Officials found the courts were not using the scheme enough to justify its cost.
Source:- Daily Telegraph, Friday 3 November 2006, page 2

Teenager guilty of ‘honour’ killing
A teenager has been jailed for eight years for the manslaughter of a girl in an arson attack meant to scare off her older brother, who was dating the sister of one of the teenager’s friends.
Source:- The Independent, Friday 3 November 2006, page 16

Perverts in our schools
More than 160 school starr have been suspended over the past year over fears they posed a danger to children, with at least 25 being dismissed, six resigning and half still suspended. Alleged offences included inappropriate relationships with children and downloading child pornography.
Source:- Daily Mirror, Friday 3 November 2006, page 11

Boring teachers blamed for rowdy classes
Poor behaviour in schools is caused by boring, repetitive and badly planned lessons, according to Ofsted, the schools watchdog.
Source:- The Times, Friday 3 November 2006, page 4

Scottish news
Residential rehab call by McConnell
Jack McConnell has said he wants more residential services for drug addicts in light of research showing that methadone is failing to make people drug-free.
The first minister said treatments should ensure addicts kicked their habit, rather than merely replacing one form of dependency with another.
He added that a Scottish executive review into methadone policy, ordered after a child died from drinking the heroin substitute, was due out next month.
Source:- The Herald, Friday 3 November 2006
Action not words is key to solving alcohol crisis, MSPs tell ministers
Scottish health minister Andy Kerr has indicated he supports Westminster’s call for increased taxes on alcohol, particularly products like alcopops which are popular with young people.
The executive has no powers over tax matters, but Mr Kerr said they would be sharing their opinions with Westminster.
A new group, Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems has been launched by leading doctors to raise awareness of alcohol-related health problems and push for action to cut alcohol misuse.
Source:- The Scotsman, Friday 3 November 2006

Care scheme team hailed for work with addict babies
A project which helps care for babies born addicted to drugs in Edinburgh has scooped a major award.
The council-run Vulnerable Babies project was among the winners in the Standard Life Edinburgh achievement awards.
Run from the Springwell House social work centre on Gorgie Road, the project helps prepare foster carers to look after babies born to drug addicted mothers..
Source:- The Scotsman, Friday 3 November 2006

Official: Scottish kids are out of control
A major study says 59 per cent of boys and 48 per cent of girls in Scotland are away from their families most evenings.
The survey also reveals that British children are among the most violent and sexually active in the world, with high levels of underage drinking and drug abuse.
Experts believe many of our kids are out of control because they don’t spend enough time learning how to behave from adults.
Source:- The Record, Friday 3 November 2006

Welsh news

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