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Tackling anti-social behaviour in Scotland
Tackling anti-social behaviour is an increasingly controversial topic. The second Community Care vodcast, filmed at CCLive in Edinburgh last week, explores how Scotland tackles anti-social behaviour and whether the rest of the UK has anything to learn from its less punitive approach. Association of Directors of Social Work president David Crawford and Sacro youth justice advisor Billy Nicol are among those interviewed for this web video broadcast.

Social Services Conference 2006
The looked-after children green paper proposed setting up GP-style independent practices of social workers. In the first ever Community Care vodcast, care services minister Ivan Lewis and experts including Association of Directors of Social Services president John Coughlan and British Association of Social Workers chair Ray Jones discuss this contentious idea. Will the practices increase social workers’ independence and free them from bureaucracy? Or will they undermine accountability and deflect attention from the question of resources? Clare Jerrom and Simeon Brody investigate.

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