Childhood ends earlier as parents pressure youngsters, says survey

Childhood ends earlier as parents pressure youngsters, says survey
Increasing numbers of parents are pushing their children to read booked aimed at a higher age to fast track their education to the detriment of their development, it is claimed today.
Source:- The Guardian, Monday 6 November 2006, page 7

Madonna effect ‘disastrous for British children in care’
A BAAF Adoption and Fostering survey has shown that three-quarters of people wrongly think adopting from overseas is easier than UK adoptions and almost 60 per cent believe more children are adopted from abroad.
BAAF chief executive David Holmes said publicity around Madonna’s adoption of a boy from Malawi has distorted public perceptions, when fewer than 400 inter-country adoptions took place and 4,000 British children needed to be adopted every year.
Source:- The Independent,  Monday 6 November 2006, page 7
Newborn euthanasia plans condemned
Proposals from a leading medical college that doctors should consider euthanasia for the most seriously disabled children were denounced by campaigners yesterday.
Responding to the Royal College of Obstretricians and Gynaecologists’ proposals, the British Council of Disabled People said it was “completely wrong” to suggest the lives of disabled babies were worth less than those of other children.
Source:- The Daily Telegraph Monday 6 November 2006, page 15

Airlines praised for separating men and children
Children’s charity Barnardo’s has praised airlines who prevent children from sitting next to male strangers, including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.
The issue came to light when a nine-year-old girl was moved after being placed next to a retired journalist because it was against the policy of company GB Airways, part of BA.
Source:- The Daily Telegraph Monday 6 November 2006, page 15
20,000 price of putting a nuisance family in a sin bin
The government is to build 50 secure accommodation units to house antisocial families, under plans unveiled by Respect tsar Louise Casey modelled on a scheme run by charity NCH in Dundee.
Source:- Daily Mail Monday 6 November 2006, page 24

Scottish law could drive paedophiles into England
Parents in Scotland could be told about predatory paedophiles who move to their communities under plans due to be unveiled in Labour’s manifesto for next year’s parliamentary elections.
Under the proposals, the location of the worst sex offenders would be revealed to schools, community councils and, in some cases, parents, in a proposal modelled on “Megan’s Law” in the United States.
Source:- The Times Monday 6 November 2006 page 26

Allow ‘active euthanasia’ for disabled babies, doctors urge
Doctors have put forward evidence urging the consideration of “active euthanasia” of severely disabled new born babies.
The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology has proposed the idea of permitted mercy killings of the sickest babies to health regulators.
Source:- The Independent on Sunday, 5 November 2006, page 6

Scandal of mental health patients sexually abused in mixed wards
Women have been sexually assaulted on 300 occasions in mixed-sex mental health wards over the past three years, according to new data from mental health trusts.
Source:- The Independent on Sunday, 5 November 2006, page 30

Asbo tsar calls for councils to enforce parenting courses
The government’s head of anti-social behaviour, Louise Casey, plans to give councils powers to force compulsory parenting courses on parents of children who behave badly. At present only the courts can order parents to go on such courses.
Source:- The Observer, Sunday, 5 November 2006, page 11

Scottish news

McConnell U-turn on disclosure of local sex offenders
Communities are likely to be told if paedophiles are living in their neighbourhoods after a U-turn by Jack McConnell.
The first minister has opted for disclosure about only the most serious offenders, after pressure from a public and newspaper campaign to expose those believed to pose a threat to children.
The executive had previously detailed why the policy could not be implemented, including fear of vigilante action and sex offenders being driven underground.
Source-: The Herald, Monday November 6 2006

Ageing rural population faces care crisis
Scotland’s rural areas have less than 20 years to raise millions in extra cash to deal with an explosion in the numbers of elderly people in the Highlands and Islands.
A study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council shows that, by 2024, the proportion of older people living in rural Scotland will have significantly increased as younger people move away and the population ages.
The lack of working age adults will mean less revenue will be generated for local authorities in those areas, yet councils will still have to fund free personal care, specialised housing, transport and social work for elderly residents.
Source:- Herald on Sunday, 5 November 2006

Welsh news

Prison vetting storm
A prison union official has alleged that two child rapists who ran away from Prescoed open prison were not properly assessed before their arrival.
Alec Leathwood, deputy general secretary of the Prison Service Union, made the comments about John Elms, 34, and Martin Aspinall, 46 after it emerged that the government is looking at sending more prisoners to open jails to deal with the UK’s prison crisis.
Source:- Wales on Sunday, 5 November 2006

More beds for Parc Prison by Christmas
The government is considering doubling the number of young offenders being held at Parc Prison in Bridgend.
There is currently space for 36 young people.
Source:- South Wales Echo, Saturday 4 November 2006


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