Tuesday 7 November 2006

Tabloid clanger Tuesday 7 November 2006 

The ever-quotable Sun columnist Jon Gaunt remains unimpressed by Tory leader David Cameron’s desire to “hug a hoodie” and now “love a lout.”  

Gaunt writes: ”The sooner David Cameron gets a slap the better. I don’t normally condone violence but I’m willing to make an exception for this upper-class podgy twerp. Not content with telling us to hug a hoodie, the Eton eejit now wants us to love a lout. I don’t want a Conservative leader to act as some second-rate social worker who puts the rights of the hoodlum before the rights of the victim.”  

And while he doesn’t normally condone violence, Gaunt makes another exception by calling for the restoration of the death penalty for serious sex offenders, rapists and paedophiles…

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