Training Materials Review: Dementia Care Training Manual for Staff Working in Nursing and Residential Settings

Danny Walsh, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 1843103184,


This manual is linked to national occupational and vocational standards and can be used by individuals or groups, writes Carol Dutton.

The author’s aims are to provide basic theory; with practical guidelines to help care workers challenge their own assumptions and those of others. Each topic is followed by exercises designed to help develop insight into the needs of people with dementia and to examine how carer’s behaviour and actions can help them.

An outline of what is known about dementia is followed by the different aspects of the physical and emotional needs of people with dementia.

The explanations and the exercises will help care staff to gain skills and confidence. The chapters on communication and individual care are particularly good, although given its significance, supporting and working with family and friends, should perhaps have been given more emphasis.

The ethical questions about colluding, use of medication and so on are all dealt with, although morediscussion about risk management might have helped pull together
the high ethical standards with practical day-to-day care.

This book is easy to read and to understand and, although aimed at carers in care units, also has much to offer carers in the community and social workers.

Carol Dutton is a trainee social work scheme co-ordinator, Birmingham Council

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