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Sallyanne Johnson, chair of ADSS East Midlands branch and adult services director at Nottingham Council, writes:

I got to know the region properly two years ago when I moved here from the North East. It has some surprising contrasts in terms of its geography and these are mirrored by its diverse communities, which of course, present a constantly shifting and stimulating challenge to services. And the Midlands has seen the development of widely varied ways of tackling its diverse challenges, although many of its issues are shared by other regions of the UK.

When we’re trying to work across the regional group of adult services authorities with all their variations we have to find and build on things we have in common. For example, when we are working with the regional improvement agencies we have to work towards agreeing a programme that suits us all.

There are some very large urban authorities here but also smaller rural ones such as Rutland, so you can’t adopt the same approach to commissioning and delivery in each.

You have to take a localised approach to commissioning. Our challenge is to develop a person-centred approach to delivering services but at the same time attain efficiencies through regional commissioning.

While the traffic and congestion were something of a shock for me coming from the North East, the region is welcoming and warm, and offers huge variety and interest.

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