Some private hospitals falling short of minimum standards

By Maria Ahmed and Amy Taylor

Some private hospitals falling short of minimum standards
The patchy quality of private hospitals in England is revealed by the Healthcare Commission for the first time today in a guide for patients showing how each establishment performed at the most recent inspection.
Source:- The Guardian, Wednesday 20 December 2006, page 10
A refuge in London has earned widespread praise for the pioneering support it gives to teenage runaways – so why it is threatened with closure?
Source:- Society Guardian, Wednesday 20 December 2006, page 1-2
Smiles amid the tears
Interview with Beverly Malone, outgoing head of the Royal College of Nursing
Source:- Society Guardian, Wednesday 20 December 2006, page 5
Kelly unveils ‘safe room’ plan to tackle domestic violence
Every council should offer women with violent partners a “safe room” in their home, under plans announced by the government.
Source:- Society Guardian  Wednesday 20 December 2006

Welsh news

Police send cards to sex offenders
Paedophiles and rapists living in Wales will get a Christmas card from the police this year, it has emerged.
South Wales police said they had decided to send out cards as a reminder to sex offenders that they knew where they were living.
Their decision has been met with a mixed response.
Source:- Western Mail, Wednesday 20 December 2006

Father of Sweeney victim: We were let down
Not enough is being done to protect people from paedophiles living in their communities Welsh politicians said last night.
They made the comments after the publication of a report on Craig Sweeney, who was recently convicted for sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl from Cardiff, which said that he had inappropriately approached children when he was on licence for a previous offence.
Source:- Western Mail, Wednesday 20 December 2006

Hospital bed-blocking on the rise once again
Hospital bed-blocking has reached its highest rate in Wales in more that 18 months it has emerged.
The revelation came in figures released yesterday.
Source:- Western Mail, Wednesday 20 December 2006

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